Reply To: GANDHABBA – 1 or 2 pieces are missing in (my) puzzle


Thanks to all yet my question wasn’t exactly about that…and by the way i can feel that the Gandhabba is not a fantasy, that is, as one commonly says : I BELIEVE IN ITS EXISTENCE. As for the exceptional case of the arhantship at 7 years old, well, it’s an…exception.

My question is about the contradiction/trouble (well I see it as a trouble) between all the experience(s) collected by a gandhabba and the fact that once in a new baby body, that very same gandhabba can’t express itself fully; there it is, with all its memories and “knowledges” and learned languages yet reduced to silence or almost, trapped in a brain and in a body that will limit its expression for years and years…

What a traumatic experience,lots of Dukkha, it’s the case to say…