Reply To: Post on “Memory Records-critical part of five aggregates”


“So an Arahant will create neither a set of pasada rupa (and therefore no pancakkhandha) nor a hadaya vatthu.”

This should be stated as: “An Arahant will not create a hadaya vatthu and a set of pasada rupa for a FUTURE EXISTENCE.”
– That is why an Arahant is NOT reborn ANYWHERE in the 31 realms.
– Any rebirth is associated with a hadaya vatthu (and a set of pasada rupa, other than for an arupavacara Brahma).

The pancakkhandha of that lifestream WILL REMAIN in this world (in the “nama loka.”)
– But that is just a record of all activities of that lifestream UPTO the moment of Parinibbana.
– Nothing will be added to that RECORD after the Parinibbana since there is no living-being generating citta.
– All records of previous Buddhas, Arahants remain. That is how Buddha Gotama was able to provide account about previous Buddhas, by looking at their records in the “nama loka.

I suggest re-reading several recent posts on the Five Aggregates, and the post on Nibbana referred to below.

I think your other questions are related to that.
– An Arahant lives life just like us UNTIL Parinibbana.
– An Arahant is IN this world UNTIL Parinibbana (full Nibbana). That lifestream DOES NOT EXIST in this world after Prinibbana. It is in the asankata dhatu (full Nibbaba) AFTER the death of the physical body.
– See, “Nibbāna “Exists”, but Not in This World.”

Y not wrote: “Surely, all those Arahants, Paccekabuddhas and Buddhas realized that Nibbana, having had a glimpse of it, is not only the ending of suffering (i.e.conductive to a ‘neutral’ state, to freedom from suffering), but a positive and unsurpassable state of Absolute and Ultimate Bliss.”

“Nibbanic bliss” (after Parinibbana) is NOT a vedana (feelings). Anything that is in “this world of 31 realms” including vedana, sanna, sankhara, vinnana, and rupa (material forms) are NOT in Nibbana.
– The bliss is to stop ANY and ALL future suffering.
– It is critical to read and understand the post on Nibbana above.