Reply To: Question on Dukkha Vedana


Thank you for your kind comment.
This makes the path much clearer to me.
Now I see it as, every bit of Mano Dukkha experienced, is an opportunity to Vidarshana.
Because I was under the impression we can get Mano Dukkha, from a Karma Vipaka. Eg- people with depression.
Am I right in assuming that in these states of mind, it is actually Paticca Samuppada happening at a very fast rate? Would you recommended, people with controlled depression to try out this particular method? I have such a friend, and I’m wondering if she might benefit.

I got to know of this deeper level of the Paticca Samuppada recently, and it has really made it a lot easier to contemplate.
I did not know there are “Uddesa” and “niddesa” levels of explanations in other teachings too.
Will definitely check it out.