Reply To: Vipassanā etymology


The meaning of “discarding what is bad” is INCLUDED in vipassana, Lang.

Vipassana is defined as follows in the section, “ Samathavipassanāduka” at, “2.3.3. Suttantikadukanikkhepa of dhammasaṅgaṇī“:
Tattha katamā vipassanā? Yā paññā pajānanā … pe … amoho dhammavicayo sammādiṭṭhi—ayaṃ vuccati vipassanā.”

Therefore, vipassana is connected to paññā (wisdom), dhammavicaya sabbojjhanga, and sammā diṭṭhi.
– It is the ability “to see” things as they really are. “Passa” also means “to see.”
– With that understanding, one would know what to “discard” and what to “take in.”