Reply To: What to do about malevolent devas constantly bothering you


Hello Upekkha,

In my native country, stories of disturbances by invisible beings (as we call them) abound.

If the affected person seeks out a Theravada Bhikkhu, the suggestion is almost universal: cultivate sila and dana, and practice recollection of your effort with joy.

For sila, it means the 5 precepts, and the formula is somewhat like this:

    Take the 5 precepts at the beginning of the day.
    Observe them scrupulously for that day.
    Rejoice in your effort at the end of the day.
    Should you break a precept or more during the day, then have a moment of repentance, forgive yourself, and reset.
    Repeat the process the next day.

For dana, it usually involves one or more of the following:

    Financial donation to Buddhist monasteries
    Giving service to Buddhist monasteries
    Providing meals to the sangha
    Releasing life (usually fish and birds)

This list is very culturally-based; they are just examples. The point is that whatever generous activities you engage in, recollect them with joy (sadhu) daily.

Of course, we don’t know for sure that invisible beings are involved here in what you’re going through. Nevertheless, sila and dana are wholesome factors in the path. You mentioned your wish to become a sotapanna and meet an ariya in the US. Sila and dana contribute to the path toward a sotapanna in the long run (in the short term, they can bring gladness to the mind); and I believe there are ariyā in the forums here at

You’ve come to the right place online, and you are not alone. We are all striving for the sotapanna stage, and we seek guidance and support each other toward that goal here.

One final thought having to do with medication. Obviously, it’s your doctor’s and your decision about what medication to take. However, if you keep good records of what happen throughout the day, it can provide valuable feedback to the doctor. For example:

What time did you take what medicine
The times the “voices” happened, and what they said

Best wishes to you.