Reply To: What to do about malevolent devas constantly bothering you


Hello Upekkha,
I am very sorry about it and I did not see your comment in due course.
But maybe I can still help… So I’m going to make a comment
I’ve been a doctor for a long time and I have an employee (assistant) in my home who had exactly these symptoms. He sought the Public Health Service in São Paulo, Brazil and was medicated with Olanzapine (see below):
“Olanzapine is a medication that works in the brain to treat schizophrenia. It is also known as a second-generation antipsychotic (SGA) or atypical antipsychotic. Olanzapine rebalances dopamine and serotonin to improve thinking, mood, and behavior.
Olanzapine (Zyprexa) | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental …”
And he’s been using this medication for three years. With that he became completely normal. Never heard voices again, married and has two children and lives very well with his wife…
I hope you have managed to regain your health and I want to tell you all that I am here for advice for any questions about physical health…(to all of you)…
My email is: [email protected]
Thank you very much to all of you.