Reply To: The Thread for correcting Wrong Views



A few more questions about dreams if I may.

1) Images and sounds in dreams are not rupā, so they must be dhammā, correct?
And they arise due to kamma vipakā? Some dreams are pleasant while others are truly nightmares.

2) Many dreams are filled with actions. For a nightmare, I may be fighting against attackers or running away from vicious animals, etc. For a pleasant dream, I may be enjoying some sensual pleasure.

In either case, I have no control of the course of the dream. In the dream, I may wish for the chase to stop or the pleasure to continue but have no control over anything.

Would this be an example of mano sankhara? We know that we have no control over mano sankhara; they come about due to gati. This seems like a very vivid example of that.

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