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A case from my own personal experience, Axel. It has to do with your point # 6: “Proof of Devas, ghosts and spirits: Flying lights (most UFOs are devas), beings, miracles”.

This will sound unbelievable. Do not worry about that, please, because, even now, to me it is IMPOSSIBLE, even though no one is relating it to me, so I do not have to believe anybody. Yet I still say it is impossible. It is a true case of ‘ I couldn’t believe my eyes’. And I still don’t.

One night in the late 80’s I was up on the roof with my telescope. Waiting for the optics to adapt to the outside temperature, I glimpsed a bright point of light moving in a southerly direction. I ‘caught it’ some way south of the constellation Gemini. I followed the point of light fixedly. Naked eye. I did not want to ‘lose’ it. That had happened before any number of times. I could tell straightaway what it was NOT (I had gotten good at this) -it was not an aircraft. No meteor showers at that time of year in that region of the sky that I knew of. And the light was steady, like a planet’s (i.e. it did not flicker or twinkle).

From this point on all figures and values are my approximations. The apparent magnitude was between 1st and 2nd. It moved steadily south, with no change in direction or brightness, for what, I would say , were 10 to 12 degrees of arc in about 20 seconds. It then came to a stop. At once it started moving in the opposite direction, towards the north, at the same apparent speed, and, as far as I could tell, on precisely the same trajectory , but now backwards. Then it came to stop.

When I looked around that region of the sky, I was baffled to see that it was one of the ‘twins’ that give the constellation Gemini its name. I was so bewildered that I did not even observe which one of the two it was, whether Castor or Pollux. I just stopped looking, trying to make some sense of what I had just witnessed. I went downstairs to have a look at the star catalogue. These stars…the first is in reality a six-star system (3 binaries) 51 l.y away, the second an orange giant 34 l.y. away. Now what is astonishing about all this is:

For a star to show such a transverse velocity…I made some calculations..the nearer one , Pollux, would have to be moving at a speed of about 320,000 c (times the speed of light) !! Plain ludicrous!! Even for me, who never accepted the theory that the speed of light constitutes an absolute limit to speed.

The only possible explanation I can see – and that only now – is that the light, whatever it was, came to a stop directly in my (our) line of sight squarely with the star, precisely to bewilder me in this way! If now you should tell me: ‘You were seeing things. It was an illusion’ , I am ready to accept that. But if you were to say: ‘ Come off it. You have made this up. You are lying’.
No, that no, I do not lie.

So what was it? I read somewhere years ago that ‘ Stars are living beings’! I do not remember the details of that article. You say most UFO’s are devas. I am not sure about that. For one thing, most devas do not need spacecraft to travel. The lower ones may come in their vimanas , granted. We will have to come up with a new acronym: UFB’s, Unidentified Flying Beings!

And there surely must be beings in human form from other stellar systems throughout the Milky Way and even beyond who will be technologically more advanced than us here. They will have ‘got around’ the speed of light ‘limit.’ The chances of us being the most advanced out of all the ‘humanities’ out there is an insignificant fraction, 1 / billions.