Reply To: Dharma is mundane, not sacred

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Apology accepted Lvalio, but it was hardly necessary. For this got me thinking about when I myself think that something said by someone else was wrong.

I often listen to Dharmayai Obai sermons. The content accords with true Dhamma, there is no question. The English of the Bhikkhu is next to perfect (he comes from Sri Lanka, but was educated in the UK)… but he speaks fast, very fast. So it is that at some point in a discourse I say to myself: ‘ What? No, not so’. ‘But hang on, up to now, all the 6 or 8 sermons I have listened to accord with true Dhamma, so it is I who must have HEARD wrong’ Because it cannot be for one who is teaching true Dhamma to say something which is false Dhamma’ So I play back the video and reduce the audio speed until I hear what was said clearly.

There are others discourses of other Bhikkhus online(as you will of course know) but I have found that most of them are CONSISTENTLY faulty on a number of major points of Dhamma.

So, yes, as you say, we must be very careful what sources we trust.

may you attain the Deathless.