Reply To: Dharma is mundane, not sacred

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We must be careful here not to judge too easily. True, on the face of it such a claim sounds outrageous.

But: did this bhikku say this in his native language? (Brazilian Portuguese). Are the words ‘mundane’ and ‘sacred’ fair equivalents to the words he used?

The Buddha said that Buddhadhamma is like a raft, to be used for the attainment of the goal and then discarded. “So, even Buddha Dhamma is of value only until one reaches Nibbāna” (Post: difference-between-dhamma-and-sankhara revised 11 Jan 2020). It is therefore certainly NOT Nibbana, which alone is asankata,(‘sacred’) and, in the strictest sense, alone not ‘of this world’ (‘mundane’).

This COULD well be what the bhikkhu meant. I am not saying it is. I cannot tell. Lvalio is certainly in a better position for that.