Reply To: The Thread for correcting Wrong Views


Johnny_Lim wrote: “Is there any reason why during NDE, the Gandhabba doesn’t talk to other entities? Communication appears to be exchange of emotions without spoken words..”

Gandhabba only has a manomaya kaya or “mental body.” Even though it has the outline of a physical body, there is very little “matter” there. That is why an average human cannot see a gandhabba.
– Without a physical body with a mouth, tongue, etc, it cannot get the sound out.

That is how one communicates with any Brahma too. Brahmas do not have physical bodies either. For example, when Brahma Sahampati had a “conversation” with the Buddha right after Buddha’s Enlightenment, there were no spoken words exchanged.
– It is just an exchange of ideas without words, just like in the dreams.