Reply To: The Thread for correcting Wrong Views

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In Mrs. Lambert’s case, she was 37 when this happened, and her grandfather had passed away when she was 9. 28 years is a long time in paraloka. It is possible, of course, but in the verified cases of children recalling their previous lives, the gap is much shorter. Those ‘ghosts’ who hang around for even hundreds of years had been killed or died in violent circumstances, where death happened unexpectedly.

“Mrs. Williams’s gandhabba’s imagination of what Jesus would look like, correct?” It is interesting to observe that only Christians see Jesus, they never see Krishna or Shiva. Hindus never see Jesus. 2 people die every second, and a fourth of the world’s population is Christian. That means Jesus must stand there waiting to welcome somebody entering heaven every other second! So this is all subjective, all imagination. But the question then comes: what if ALL OF IT is imagination? But we know that there is such a state as paraloka, and such a state of being as gandhabba. While what is ‘seen’ while floating above your dead body cannot be contested, it seems the same cannot be said for when you are ‘out there’, beyond.