Reply To: The Thread for correcting Wrong Views


Thanks for the interesting video by Michael Cremo, AxelSnaxel!
– Yes. He will be proven to be correct in the future.

As I explained in the post, “Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)” the Earth was first inhabited by humans with “fine bodies” like Brahma.

In addition to that sutta, there are several suttas that describe how most Vedic concepts originated from the teachings of Buddha Kassapa who was on this earth millions of years ago, before Buddha Gotama.
– Buddha Gotama explained that to a Brahmin by the name of Magandhiya who told the Buddha that his Vedic teachers recited a similar verse to Dhammapada Verse 204.
– See # 8 of the post, “Arōgyā Paramā Lābhā..”