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The following post is from Cubibobi (Lang). Apparently, he was unable to get it posted.

I have actually been reading this site on rebirth maintained by Walter Semkiw (he calls it reincarnation) for a while.
Reincarnation Research

On the home page (bottom right) is a video called “Evidence of Reincarnation”. Starting at 5:51, it talks about a historical figure we all know about: Anne Frank. I find it convincing, and personally, I see a resemblance of the two — Anne Frank and Barbro Karlen, which is admittedly a little uncanny.

The site also has a section of many cases, including those of celebrity figures; true or not, it makes an entertaining read. Moreover, some are more convincing than others, which can help reinforce our view on rebirths.

Hope you enjoy it.