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To be able to type Pāli special character [āĀ īĪ ūŪ ḍḌ ḷḶ ṅṄ ñÑ ṇṆ ṃṂ ṁṀ ŋŊ ṭṬ], do the following:

1. Download Keyman Desktop
–› download page:
2. Install Keyman Desktop
3. Once Keyman Desktop is installed, look for the the installed Keyman Desktop at the Windows taskbar (bottom right, look for the inverted ‘v’ sign that is this sign “^” [which show hidden icons]), then click on it to show the application.
4. Once the Keyman Desktop is shown, click on “Configuration” to show its configuration.
5. At the bottom left of the “Keyman Desktop Configuration”, click on “Download keyboard…” which will bring up a page “Download Keyboard From”.
6. Choose a language by selecting from the Index: the letter “P”.
7. From the selected letter “P” page, select the word “Pali” which will then shows two keyboard option.
8. Select the keyboard “The Heidelberg Input Solution” by clicking on it.
9. Once it shows the “Downloads for your device” with the keyboard “The Heidelberg Input Solution for Windows”, click the button “Install keyboard” for the installation of the selected keyboard.
10. Once installed, go to the “Keyman Desktop Configuration” with “Keyboard Layouts”, deselect keyboards : Devanagari Uncode [DE], Devanagari Uncode [US], Devanagari Uncode [USint], and Transliteration [DE]. Leaving the Keyboards selected : Transliteration [US], and Transliteration [USint].
11. For usage that requires the typing of Pāli words, then select either the keyboard Transliteration [US] or Transliteration [USint].
When not using to type the Pāli word, select your usual keyboard (example English (United States) US keyboard).
12. Read this “Heidelberg Input Solution Keyboard Help” on how to enter those special character.

With mettā, SengKiat