Reply To: Language and communication


It is better to think about the whole process in the following way:

It is mano sankhara that arise first. Those are the “first thoughts” that come to the mind when we first see, hear, taste, smell, etc.
– They arise due to our gati (habits/character) and are automatic.
– For example, if one sees an object, a liking for that may register in the mind as soon as one sees it. That liking is registered as mano sankhara. (But another person with different gati may not generate any mano sankhara, since he/she may not have an attraction/liking for it)

Then one starts thinking about that object. That is the vaci sankhara stage.
– If one really likes that object, one may speak about it. That speaking is also done with vaci sankhara.

If one gets really attached to that object, one may take bodily actions. For example, one may buy it by paying for it. Such bodily actions are done with kaya sankhara.

Now if you read those posts again, you may be able to really grasp the concepts.