Reply To: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness


Hello, interested!

The mind does not exist just by itself. There must be at least a trace of matter for the mind to exist.

That is a critical point in Buddha Dhamma that many people do not realize. The “seat of the mind” is called “hadaya vatthu.” It is unbelievably small and is created by kammic energy when a living being grasps a new existence.
– In addition to hadaya vatthu, up to five “pasāda rupa” are created by the kammic energy at that time.

That package, hadaya vatthu together with the set of pasāda rupa is the fundamental “unit of existence”. It is called the “manōmaya kāya” because the energy for the creation of it comes from the kammic energy when a strong kamma is committed.

I cannot get into details but wanted to provide the basis. A good point to start is to go through the posts in the new section, “Origin of Life.”
– If you are serious about finding the answers, it is necessary to read that section. This is not something that can be explained in a page or two.
– You can ask further questions AFTER reading that series. Please refer to any post in question and the particular bullet numbers.

P.S. One more key point to make the connection to Quantum Mechanics.

That manōmaya kāya (and the kammic energy or dhammā that creates it) is in the “quantum realm.” Just like electrons and photons that are in the quantum realms are entangled, they are entangled too. That is how life forms are connected across space.
– That is also called “non-locality.” Recent experiments have confirmed that our world is indeed non-local. See, “Quantum Mechanics – A New Interpretation.”