Reply To: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta in relation to dhamma and various types of sankhara


Mano sankhara are reactions to sense inputs. They don’t last long, they are lightning quick. They are automatic. There is no effort or striving involved.

I could see how mano sankhara would be suffering if let’s say X were to see X’s enemy, and X’s reaction or mano sankhara to that sense input was one of anger. So that means there was dosa in X’s mano sankhara, and thus agitated X’s mind(which would be the suffering).

But what about let’s say an Arahant saw a handicap person, and the Arahant’s reaction/mano sankhara was of compassion, there was karuna in the mano sankhara. It was only a reaction, the Arahant did not even do anything for the handicap person.

I’m curious to know how something as brief as a good or neutral mano sankhara which does not involve sankappa, speech, bodily actions or any effort/striving can be suffering.

I’m assuming seeing the suffering in mano sankhara is something only an Arahant would be able to understand.

But it would still be good to know at least intellectually.