Reply To: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta in relation to dhamma and various types of sankhara


Since sankhara are thoughts and not the speech/bodily action itself, I was having difficulty understanding how only thoughts(merely thinking things) could be suffering. From your responses it is the EFFORT/STRIVING to think those thoughts that is the suffering.

Lal wrote:
“Furthermore, those thoughts also were not good thoughts and made X’s mind very agitated, which is also a part of the suffering at the moment of doing the bad deed.”

Yes, I could see how apunnabhisankhara(simply thinking an immoral thought) can be suffering. In apunnabhisankhara there is asobhana cetasika. And asobhana cetasika stresses/heats up the mind. Whereas sobhana cetasika cools down the mind.

But sobhana cetasika arise in punnabhisankhara.

1) If sobhana cetasika cools down the mind, then can punnabhisankhara be considered as stressful?

2) I’m assuming it is the EFFORT needed to THINK good/moral thoughts that is the suffering when it comes to punnabhisankhara as well?