Reply To: A Consciousness That Does Not Establish


y not wrote: “It will perhaps be helpful to see the main idea that an Arahant will therefore not attach, even less draw closer, any of the khandhas, vinnana being their summation. So “kamma viññāna created via the Akusala-Mula PS process do not arise in an Arahant”; and so we may continue..’ even via the kusala-Mula PS process’ ?”

That is not possible to explain in a forum reply. The idea behind writing this series of posts is to explain many things including the answer to your question of: “So “kamma viññāna created via the Akusala-Mula PS process do not arise in an Arahant”

For the last time, it is explained at, “Worldview of the Buddha.”

I can answer any specific question on something that is not clear in those posts.
– If something is not clear, please quote from those posts and ask questions.

As the Buddha himself said, he could do only so much. It is up to anyone interested to spend time and learn this Dhamma, “that has never been known to the world.”

Please don’t take me wrong. I am doing my best to explain things, and I am willing to take the time to explain any statements in a post that is not clear. But what you are asking is to explain a KEY CONCLUSION that arises out of a series of posts. It has already been explained. There must be a step earlier than that you could not understand. Let us try to get to that step.