Reply To: A Consciousness That Does Not Establish


Siebe wrote: “But what is the nature in this very life of this unestablised vinnana, this vinnana that does not grow on rupa, vedana etc? Is it stable? Does it also arise in discrete moments?”

Such kamma viññāna created via the Akusala-Mula PS process do not arise in an Arahant.
– An Arahant experiences ONLY vipāka viññāna.

Please take the time and read my above comments AND the posts suggested carefully. This is not something one just reads and understands. One must take time and think.
– I know that many of you do not take the time to read the suggested posts, and just read a post and move onto something else. There is nothing I can do about that. Buddha Dhamma is deep and takes some effort to understand.

Anyone truly interested in uncovering this whole process needs to carefully go through the series of posts at: “Worldview of the Buddha.”
– It is explained systematically there. Furthermore, if one does not understand those posts, one will not be able to understand the future posts.