Reply To: The Arising of Asava in Paticca Samupadda?


Siebe asked, “So, my question is in fact; where in PS do asava arise?”

Asava is closely associated with gati. “The Law of Attraction, Habits, Character (Gati), and Cravings (Asavas)

When an attractive (or repulsive) arammana (thought object) is encountered, one starts thinking about how to enjoy it more (or how to get rid of it) PURELY based on that vedana (like/dislike).
– Those thoughts are sankhara. One may think about doing akusala kamma to enjoy that arammana more. That is when one starts acting with avijja, “avijja paccaya sankhara.”

On the other hand, if one did not have such deeply-embedded cravings (defilements), then one would not do such akusala kamma.
– That is the same as saying not having “bad gati.”

One gets rid of such asava or gati by learning Buddha Dhamma, and realizng the bad conseuqences of doing akusala kamma.

Another point to note is that one does not arbitrarily start doing akusala kamma with “avijja paccaya sankhara
– An attractive (or repulsive) arammana must be there to “trigger those asava or gati“.
– Therefore, the whole process of “acting with avijja” (or “generating sankhara with avijja“) really starts at the “tanha paccaya upadana” step in PS.
– That is what I discussed in the last post or two in recent posts. See, #6, #7 in the recent post, “Vacī Saṅkhāra – Saṅkappa (Conscious Thoughts) and Vācā (Speech)
– I will discuss this more in the upcoming posts.