Reply To: Kamma are Done with Sankhāra – Types of Sankhāra


Maybe it can be put this way too?

In most deeds, also good ones, there is an ego-centric motive or perspective.
For example, one likes to work in a hospital or with disabled persons because that also gives a good feeling. Ofcourse this is not bad, but is it really pure? What, if this good feeling did not arise or gradually weakens? Does one change jobs?

Any ego-centric view or attitude must be deluded/corrupted because of asmi mana.

If one does something good for the purpose of being born in heavens, that is surely ego-centric.

It is very obvious to me that this kind of strategic behaviour, is not really pure.
A pure mind will feel it is a corruption to think, speak, act and life so strategic and self-centered.

Therefor i also do not belief that one will ever escape samsara if one becomes a more and more strategic person. What do you think?