Reply To: Objectivity


sumbodhi wrote: “My opinion is that even tho QM has probably made the most precise measurements (and predictions) ever done in science it’s not enough to give the complete picture. To draw in Buddhism it seems that QM might be governing reality only up to and including suddhātthaka levels.”

You are correct.

What happens below the suddhātthaka level is all MENTAL.
– QM or science, in general, has no idea of the power of the human mind.
– Suddhātthaka are created by the mind.

At the suddhātthaka level, “everything and every living being” is inter-connected.
– This is called “quantum entanglement” in QM and you are likely to familiar with that. See, “Quantum Entanglement – We Are All Connected

This is a very broad subject. I have discussed it at: “Quantum Mechanics and Dhamma.”

You can get an idea about my thoughts in the post, “Quantum Mechanics and Dhamma – Introduction.”

I have discussed the “observer effect” in that section.