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“After many of such occurrences, I feel like I’m receiving too much from whatever force there might be, so I ask them to just let me do my own practice. Then from that day, surely enough those convenient coincidences have stopped.”

I think you made the right decision, Tien.

I am not sure whether you really saw devas or not. But there are “well-intentioned beings” who do help out those who live moral lives. We don’t need to ask for their help.

There is a deeper aspect to this. As I have discussed in many posts, people with similar “gati” (character/habits) tend to associate with each other. That holds for all living beings.

The down-side of this is that there are beings out there (below the deva level) who have “bad gati” and they tend to try to influence those people with similar bad gati.
– Such bad beings also tend to be attracted to physically dirty environments too. That is why we need to keep living spaces clean.
– I discussed a little bit about that in, “What Does Buddha Dhamma Say about Creator, Satan, Angels, and Demons?.”
– A basic discussion on gati at, “The Law of Attraction, Habits, Character (Gati), and Cravings (Asavas).”

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