Reply To: Where is the Mana Indriya located in the Brain?


Siebe has sent me an email clarifying what he was trying to say in the first question above.

Sieber wrote in the email the following:

“I read this post:

Under point 8 you say….”Kamma beeja — that are generated by our minds (via our thoughts) — are also part of dhammā.

so, there are dhamma generated by our minds, that’s what i said.

and in point 17 you say:…”The basis for making dhammā are our thoughts with javana citta. Those javana generate “kamma beeja” and they give rise to future kamma vipāka. So, those kamma beeja are dhammā. They are very tiny packets of energy below the suddhāshtaka stage.”

That is all correct, Siebe.
Yes. kamma beeja are created by javana citta, and they are part of dhamma.

But that is not how you worded your question in your earlier post. That question, in full, was: “From reading the posts it seems dhamma can also come from the mind while produced in javana citta? Can those dhamma that are created in javana citta’s contact mana indriya?”

I am not going to try to analyze what you meant there, Siebe. But it confused me.
Anyway, what you wrote in the email is correct.

P.S. I hope everyone will take a bit of time to formulate the questions to make it clear what the question is. Refer to relevant posts with bullet numbers if it is a question about a particular point made in a post. That way, we can avoid misunderstandings like this one.