Reply To: Where is the Mana Indriya located in the Brain?


Thanks Lal,

Please correct me i am wrong:

The ‘input’ of the 5 pasada rupa are signals from the brain. Those signals from the brain are results of processed sensory data from the outside world coming trough the physical eye, ear, tongue, nose and body. When texts mention the senses of eye, ear, etc not the physical senses are meant but the five pasada rupa’s.

The mana indriya can ‘communicate’ immediately with hadaya vatthu, that does not go via a pasada rupa. The input of mana indriya are called dhamma or mana rupa.

-Where do those dhamma come from that are detected by the mana indriya? Do they come from the brain or do they come from the mind?

-Do i understand it correctly, that when there is no mana indriya in a gandhabba that has left the body, there are also no memories in this gandhabba? Or are only certain memories not present?

(I notice i find it hard to see that mana indriya does not experience, right? It only detects. This is not easy to see because so much of our life is experienced of happening in our head).