Reply To: My own insights to get rid of lust


I think most of the points y not is making, are correct.

“…seeing that this box we are in is but a processing mechanism that converts liquids and solids to urine and faeces; the aromas and flavours we so relish turn into detestable waste.”
– That is true.

But the next sentence, “Yet we cannot do otherwise, because we are impelled by thirst and hunger.” could be written in a different way.
– There is nothing wrong with eating and drinking (even tasty foods). In fact, we have to eat and drink to maintain our lives. And there is no point is forcibly eating foods that are not tasty.
– The only thing we need to do is to consume any food WITHOUT craving. That loss of craving comes naturally as one realizes the futility of enjoying those “pleasures”. Such cravings keep one bound to the kama loka.

What he says next is true too: “Moreover, it is beset by disease, aches, and pains, ending in old age and death. Such is the existence we have to bear;”
– That should be an incentive to make effort without delay to attain Nibbana, at least the first stages of Nibbana.