Reply To: My own insights to get rid of lust

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Or like this, Christian:

…seeing that this box we are in is but a processing mechanism that converts liquids and solids to urine and faeces; the aromas and flavours we so relish turn into detestable waste. Yet we cannot do otherwise, because we are impelled by thirst and hunger. Moreover, it is beset by disease, aches and pains, ending in old age and death. Such is the existence we have to bear; even so, a human existence is in fact the best to see through all that, given, as you say, that one is a tihetuka.

What to say of one lived in a Buddha sasana, where through the compassion of an Ariya or Ariyas, we, on our way to Nibbana, can put an end to all that forever (besides, of course, to existences in still lower realms)?

Much merit to you and to all who spread the Dhamma.