Reply To: Gathi and the 5 khandhas


“It will be impossible, because ‘inhumane’, to stop those ‘mind-made’ somanassa vedana from arising – UNLESS one has reached the Anagami stage.”

Yes. That is true.
– It is done by cultivating panna (wisdom).
– Even a Sotapanna only KNOWS that such ‘mind-made’ somanassa vedana are bad. But until he/she comprehends the next level of Tilakkhana, such thoughts WILL arise.
– That is why attaining the Anagami stage is so hard. No one said it is easy.

The Path needs to be followed step-by-step. See, “Is It Necessary for a Buddhist to Eliminate Sensual Desires?
– Also read, “Kāma Guna, Kāma, Kāma Rāga, Kāmaccanda

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