Reply To: Vipaka Sapa from Dhamma Loka


Johnny wrote: “Say an arahant is served some tasty food. Would the arahant think that the food that he is consuming is delicious?”

Yes. I have emphasized this many times. See, for example, “Kāma Guna, Kāma, Kāma Rāga, Kāmaccanda“.
– I recommend reading the above post carefully.
But an Arahant would not get attached to that taste, and crave for more. That is not by will power. That is through understanding. This is a hard point for many to understand.

“On the other hand, if some wicked person wants to test the arahant by serving him rotten food, would the arahant think the food that he just tasted is terrible or even unfit for consumption?”
– Yes. An Arahant would taste bad food as such.

I think your questions will have answers in the above post. Please ask questions if something is not clear.
– Saltiness, sweetness, bitter, etc are applicable to all with human bodies. They are called kama guna.