Reply To: Pathama Metta Sutta (AN 4.125)



In your reply to me about what is really meant by “having faith” in the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, did you mean that in your view only Sotapanna Anugamis are referred to in the following case (and not anariyas):

“Take the case of another man. He is not even endowed with unwavering devotion to the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha. He is not joyous and swift in wisdom and has not gained release. But he has just these things: the faculty of faith, of energy, of mindfulness, of concentration, of wisdom. Yet if he has merely faith, merely affection for the Tathaagata, that man, too, does not go to… states of woe.

If that is so, I have made a mistake, and I also hope readers will take note of it, especially Upekkha100, since I have replied to him in error that anariyas were being referred to.

Thank you in advance once again for putting in the effort to clarify with me.