Reply To: Pathama Metta Sutta (AN 4.125)


Akvan wrote:
“So you can listen to their deshanas on youtube or on their sites. I can share some links of such deshanas/theros in English and Sinhala if you are interested. ”

Yes, please share a list of English desanas that you think would be helpful. That would be great! Thanks Akvan!

Thank you for sharing those two suttas. You are a miracle. Just what I needed see.

Those suttas are referring to the saddha of anariyas right? Not the aveccappasāda(unwavering saddha) of Ariyas. One can have strong saddha in one life and lose it in future lives if one is anariya. But if one ends their bhava with genuine saddha, even if they are anariya, this increases the chance to be reborn in fortunate realms?