Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


upekkha said: “Recalling past memories: is that not done with the manasikara cetasika? Manasikara cetasika is part of the 7 universal cetasika that make up a pure citta before it degrades to vinnana..”

It is true that the manasikara cetasika “takes memories into account” during the arising of a citta. But those memories come from one’s five aggregates (rupakkhandha,….vinnanakkhandha).

Therefore, all five aggregates, including the vinnanakkhandha, remain with an Arahant. There is no special name assigned to the vinnanakkhandha of an Arahant.
– It is understood that the vinnana of an Arahant is pure or undefiled.
– To say it differently, there is no upadana (or cravings) for any of the five aggregates for an Arahant. Pancakkhandha is there, but no pancaupadanakkhandha.