Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


“what’s the mental activity of an Arahant?”

“This is what I think. Nibbana is not non-existence. But I think parinibbana (which happens during the death of a being who has attained Nibbana) is non-existence.”

Level of ignorance of some of those posts is just overpowering. You guys are totally clueless and do not even realize that you harm yourself by trying to find out what is Nibbana or how it’s Arahant thru lenses of ignorance. This is Lal forum so I hold myself in respect for his works and rules. Rather then ask “how Arahants mind is” is better to ask How I can make my mind pure as Arahant one so you will be going in right direction, right now you are hopeless if you can’t see thru your own ignorance – which I know is not an easy thing to do but do not go over your head and act as you can do it. Dhamma is not an intellectual exercise to have new ideas to talk about. This is no different than sexual lust to trying to satisfy mind’s clitoris by dwelling in those concepts and ideas with ignorance and bad intentions. You will never satisfy yourself so stop trying and then you will be one step closer to knowing directly what is like to experience Nibbana, what it is and how the Arahant mind can be or how it is like. You are like sisyphists following Dhamma. Sisyphus mentality.

Look up what you are doing, what you think and what direction you are going. Dhamma is not for your entertainment.