Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


Yes. It does not CONTAMINATE beyond the mansan stage.

However, it incorporates all previous memories, and thus is still called vinnana and vinnanakkhandha (it is understood that for an Arahant those are undefiled).

You may want to read the following post to see how any khandha (rupakkhandha, etc, the five AGGREGATES) incorporate past, present, future,…11 types to make it to an aggregate (see #3):
Difference Between Rupa and Rupakkhandha

Without incorporating previous memories, an Arahant will not be able to recall past memories, etc.

So, the arising citta will not contaminate beyond the manasan stage, but will incorporate those 11 types to make it to an (undefiled) vinnanakkhandha or an aggregate.