Reply To: Craving for love, respect and admiration


firewns said: “There are those who crave to be loved, respected and admired. Others want to feel that they are living a life that matters, even though unbeknownst to them, they can never really live a truly meaningful life, unless it is to seek a way out of an ultimately meaningless existence (with anatta nature).

Are those subtle forms of bhavasava?”

That could be due to bhavasava (craving for existence: “I want to live”) and avijjasava (ignorance of the suffering associated with any existence).

Kamasava (craving for sense pleasures) is not there, and one may or may not have removed ditthasava (a Sotapanna could have such a mindset and even an Anagami to some extent).

However, if that mindset is not permanent, i.e., if cravings for sense pleasures comes back even once, that means one still have kamasava (as anusaya or hidden) as well.
– If ditthasava is there, kamasava is definitely there.
– Those asava are removed in the following order: ditthasava (Sotapanna), kamasava (Anagami), bhavasava and avijjasava (Arahant).