Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


Hello upekkha100,
You said: “I don’t know if the entirety of my last reply is appearing.”

Do you mean part of your post is missing? I checked the spam folder and there was nothing there.

I think the English translation of the sutta is very clear (there are no hidden meanings in this sutta, and the translation is pretty much straight forward):
Causes (AN 3.34)

There is no need to further clarify the part that you highlighted. For example, “Any kamma, bhikkhus, fashioned through non-greed, born of non-greed (alobha), caused by non-greed, originated by non-greed, is abandoned when greed has vanished; it is cut off at the root, made like a palm stump, obliterated so that it is no more subject to future arising..”. AND same for adosa and amoha.