Reply To: Where is the Mana Indriya located in the Brain?


Thanks everyone for your replies. Upekkha100, thanks for such a detailed comment with many links, I’ll certainly check them out.

I understand that the subject I brought up is relatively unimportant when considering the main message of the Buddha, but just as Lal said, such small details, when backed up by science, can be of great help to strengthen one’s saddha and appreciate the wisdom of the Buddha even more.

The bottom-line of the book I mentioned was that there is a pineal gland in each and every mammal studied so far, that produces a substance capable of inducing mystical and “transcendental” experiences.

Btw, what about animals without brains? Do they have mana indriya? There are also animals with some of the 5 senses being absent. I know that whales and dolphins cannot smell. Does that mean that their ghana pasada lies dormant?