Reply To: Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala


y not said:
“Has anyone else experienced this?”

Yes I’ve had these. But I am pretty sure I am not a Sotapanna.

These breakthroughs, are they not same as epiphanies/sudden realizations/aha moments/eureka moments. These realizations are not exclusive to Ariyas. Numerouss people have these. Even people outside of Buddha Dhamma. Some of these realizations are mundane(like a scientist or inventor suddenly realizing of a cure or invention)and some are spiritual(like humans who develop psychic abilities realizing and experiencing for themselves realms that are higher than the human realm). And then there are transcendent Ariya breakthroughs/realizations relating to Tilakkhana and grasping the true nature of all of reality, about both the material world and spiritual world, all 31 realms.

Even anariya can have panna. Like people who have attained jhanas, yogis, and brahmas. I’ve noticed even seemingly “regular” people who do not seem that spiritual just exude wisdom, they just seem different from others. If I had to guess, tihetuka people. Though this panna is not the same as the panna of an Ariya. It is mundane anariya panna vs transcendent Ariya panna. Mundane panna is temporary, can be reduced or lost in future lives whereas the transcendent Ariya panna is permanent, will only increase and never be lost.