Reply To: Where is the Mana Indriya located in the Brain?


Tien is correct that it does not really matter much where the mana indriya is located in the brain, for attaining Nibbana.

However, it is good to confirm the teachings of the Buddha with modern science (as new evidence emerge), as long as one does not spend an excessive time doing it.
– It builds faith and also may convince others who are skeptical of Buddha’s teachings.

So, I try to make these connections whenever opportunities arise. I discussed this issue a little bit in #6 of “The Amazing Mind – Critical Role of Nāmagotta (Memories)“.
– Those who are interested in this issue should read the book referred to there.

As I briefly explained in that post, “saññā” or perception (recognition of external objects) depends on the ability to recall memories (nama gotta). We cannot do that without the mana indriya.
– Patient HM discussed in that book lost his ability to recognize people after a tiny part of his brain was removed in order to suppress his epileptic seizures. So, that is where the mana indriya is located.

I will write another post on this issue in the future, but this is real evidence from modern science confirming Buddha’s description of how the mind works.

Thanks for the reference to the book, Nikita. I plan to read it.