Reply To: habitual behaviour and suffering


This site itself has many wise/good points that seems to be had made from inferring/contemplating/connecting the dots. Which were not from the Tipitaka. Yet points which would not necessarily contradict the Buddha’s message either. Points which I agree with.

There are many others too who have done the same through their own contemplation, connecting the dots and had realizations of their own.

People can have good points, but sometimes it is difficult to convey, and get it across in words, do justice to what they are trying to say. I struggle with this personally. Does not necessarily mean they are wrong.

I of course do not know the intention of those who are commenting, and it is even more difficult to discern when in writing, but I’ve seen a particular treatment be done on more than one occasion now, and did not say anything before, so I thought it’d be proper now to say:
There is no need to be repeatedly harsh with one person so much.

Hi Siebe. I agree with many of your points. I don’t want to put words in what Siebe is trying to say, this is in my words of what I understood from Siebe: that both bad deeds and good deeds by the anariya person(average person) stems from avijja?

Because in the Paticca Samupada cycles, whether it is punna kamma(meritorious deed) or apunna kamna(bad deeds), both extend rebirth process. Both actions are done while being ignorant of the total truth of the true nature of this world. Avijja paccaya sankhara.

And it is these actions, whether good or bad, when done repeatedly that make habits. Some do bad deeds habitually. Some do good deeds habitually. Regardless both are doing actions from the 6 puppet masters: lobha/dosa/moha and alobha/adosa/amoha. Whether good or bad, both are puppets of the 6 root causes of existence. Both are puppets of this world. Essentially anariyas are puppets of this world.

Arahant have removed all the root causes of existence, removed all the puppet masters. Is no longer a puppet of this world. Can not do sankhara dictated by any of the roots. Whatever wholesome action they do, it is from their pure minds( pabhassara citta).