Reply To: Anicca : "It’s Always the (Same) Sun" ?


@Christian: “It’s not image on the wall to make an idea about it like in some gallery or meeting. It’s wisdom that needs to be actualized so your mind experience leaps over or changes over time.”


First of all if you re-read the post really attentively you’ll notice that I also refer to insight/wisdom (as you wrote) part : “Anicca can’t be confined to the physical/psychic/moral human-condition – even if human “mano” (mind) is a flagrant example of it”.

To perceive Anicca just as the”inability to maintain anything at one’s own satisfaction” it’s, let’s say, ok BUT isn’t enough. Anicca is an omnipresent cosmic fact which is in every-thing-and-being; from the lowest petras to the highest brahmas, humans, animals…whatever. Except Nibanna.

Otherwise one should recognise Anicca in oneself and around oneself.