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No problem, y not.

You said: “So then, a new-born’s character will be overwhelmingly influenced by its own gathi , as well as by its own free will later on in life, and to a lesser degree by the gathi of its parents(lodged in their genetic code).”

As was discussed, there are many factors. But ALWAYS one’s free will is at the forefront.

One has to make a determination to change the course for the better or the worse.

But sometimes (when one has a weak mind and does not pay attention), one may just “go with the flow” according to one’s environment.
– This is why parents must always be on the lookout on what kind of friends a child has. Friends can be a huge influence on a child.
– This is also true for adults. One must get away from those who pull in wrong directions, and make new associations along “good directions”.