Reply To: Nibbida


I find Nibbida still an interesting subject. I think becoming fed up is not very bad as a translation, what do you think?

One must often see the danger, the disadvantages, the deludedness, the meaninglessness of something to become fed up with it and turn away from it. It looses it’s sign of attractiveness. It becomes unattractive.

I think becoming fed up is not really a reaction of aversion. It is deeper, i think less emotional, more connected with wisdom.

Becoming fed up with some things is oke, not bad, don’t you think so?

One can look at teenagers drinking to much, and one remembers the time one was a teenager oneself, drunk and sick, acting as an idiot. One does not feel revulsion or aversion but has become fed up with it, no interest anymore in all this drinking, becoming intoxicated.

Becoming fed up with certain things is quit intelligent.