Reply To: Jhana anantariya punna kamma


Hi Akvan. That makes sense! Thank you for that! See this is one of reasons why this forum is so valuable. If something is not explicitly stated/found in the Tipitaka, the next best option is to critically think and infer from the various information from the Tipitaka that is available to us. Discussions from all sides, working together to find the truth or get to the bottom of unclear topics. And that is one of the goals of Lal, PureDhamma website and this forum. I have not expressed it before, but I just want express my appreciation for Lal, SengKiat, Akvan and everyone here who have contributed greatly to improving my understanding and making concepts more clear. I thank you all!

Regarding the topic, it didn’t occur to me to question whether an anariya jhana is an anantariya punna kamma or not. It would make more sense that Ariya jhana due to magga phala, rather than an anariya jhana, being an anantariya punna kamma.