Reply To: The "Deathless"?


The sutta that @Yeos is referring is MN 140 Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta: The Analysis of the Elements.

The portion he refers to is as below:

The sage at peace is not reborn, does not grow old, and does not die. They are not shaken, and do not yearn.
Muni kho pana, bhikkhu, santo na jāyati, na jīyati, na mīyati, na kuppati, na piheti.

For they have nothing which would cause them to be reborn. Not being reborn, how could they grow old? Not growing old, how could they die? Not dying, how could they be shaken? Not shaking, for what could they yearn?
Tañhissa, bhikkhu, natthi yena jāyetha, ajāyamāno kiṃ jīyissati, ajīyamāno kiṃ mīyissati, amīyamāno kiṃ kuppissati, akuppamāno kissa pihessati?