Reply To: AN1.310


Thanks Lal,

There is a list of wrong views, for example in MN117

5. “And what, bhikkhus, is wrong view? ‘There is nothing
given, nothing offered, nothing sacrificed; no fruit or result of
good and bad actions; no this world, no other world; no mother,
no father; no beings who are reborn spontaneously; no [72] good
and virtuous recluses and brahmins in the world who have
realised for themselves by direct knowledge and declare this
world and the other world.’ This is wrong view.

This is from the translation of Bodhi.

In fact the above wrong views are the views of Ajita Kesakambali, a teacher who lived at the same time as the Buddha. He was considered to be a materialist.

Then there are listed 62 wrong views in DN1

There are also wrong view of other teachers who lived at the time of the Buddha, like, Makkhali Gosala, Kaccayana, Kassapa, Belathiputta, and Jain founder Nigantha Nataputta.

But can’t we say that seeing happiness in what is suffering, seeing attractiveness in what is repulsive, seeing self in what is not self (like the body seeing as ‘I am this body’) and seeing permanence in what is impermanent is in fact wrong view too? Vibhanga seems to say this is careless attention, but isn’t it wrong view too? Isn’t this kind of misunderstanding of the characteristic of life the most important kind of wrong view?