Reply To: Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala


@Christian sounds like an interesting theory!

1) Is there a term for that tone of voice in the language of Abhidhamma?

2) Is that tone of voice enough to trigger Sotapanna stage or only the Sotapanna Anugami stage? Because I’d think the tone of voice is not he same as the energy of the javana citta.

From #1 in the post:
“Listening to Dhamma discourses (while reading is enough to get to Sotapanna Anugami stage, listening is necessary to attain the Sotapanna stage.”

From #3:
“Previously, I had stated that one could learn about Tilakkhana by reading these days. That is still true and one could become a Sōtapanna anugāmi by reading.

However, recently I came upon a dēsanā by the Waharaka Thēro which stated that a Sōtapanna anugāmi attains the Sōtapanna stage only while listening to a dēsanā by an Ariya (Noble person, i.e., one with at least the Sōtapanna stage). ”

Now I myself would not know for sure if reading is enough for the Sotapanna Anugami stage, as we will not find the direct answer to that from the Tipitaka either, because discourses back then were transmitted orally and not written down.

But if that is indeed true, a Sotapanna Anugami means a change in lineage from a puthujjana to an Ariya has been made. A Sotapanna Anugami, while not a Sotapanna, is still an Ariya. And is no longer on the mundane Path, but is now on the Noble Eightfold Path. A Sotapanna Anugami is destined/guaranteed to become a Sotapanna within this very same bhava. And a Sotapanna is destined/guaranteed for Nibbana within a maximum of 7 bhava.

I think an audio desana by an Ariya is like written information by an Ariya. Meaning that both the written information and audio desana by the Ariya can at most make someone a Sotapanna Anugami, but not a Sotapanna…that is IF the audio does not contain the javana citta energy.

If it turns out that audio can indeed somehow save the javana citta energy, that is a different story. In that case, I think it is possible that one can a become Sotapanna from audio.