Reply To: Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala


So the recording has:
-the message of the Ariya embedded in it.
-however, it does not have the energy from the javana citta of the Ariya embedded in it.

But is it not that very energy from the javana citta from the Ariya that is needed to trigger magga phala citta(Sotapanna stage) in the listener, as per this quote from the post:
“Apparently, a Sōtadvāra citta vithi of an Ariya (during a dēsanā) has the necessary javana power to act as a trigger. ”

If the message of the Ariya is all one needs(without the javana citta energy of the Ariya), then would not reading also be sufficient to trigger Sotapanna magga phalla citta(because written information also has the message)?

To me, that Sotapanna stage requirement about listening to a desana from an Ariya does not translate to simply hearing the message. I’d think this hearing of a desana is special, unlike other hearing of desanas. What makes it special is the added bonus of the javana citta energy radiating from an Ariya’s mind. And that can only be experienced in person or at least close proximity in real time.